Why sugar flowers?

Fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants that are not safe to put directly into your cake. Not to mention the possibility of a grass flavor or water residue on the cake. Ew.

What are the sugar flowers made of?

They are handmade by me, Angela and made out of gum paste which is a sugar dough.  It is made from powdered sugar, fresh egg whites, and tylose powder.

What is the price for sugar flowers?

Since each flower is handmade from start to finish and so uniquely different the price of the flower varies. It depends on complexity of the flower and added elements.  You can see the cost for each flower by going to a specific flower product page from the store.

What does the price of the sugar flowers include?

A lot of work goes into creating these delicate sugar flowers from start to finish. Each one is crafted from scratch by hand, and then finished by hand painting the smaller details on. The price of the flower includes: ingredients, food coloring, petal dusts, added elements (like pearls or stamens), labor for making the flower, time for packaging flowers, and communication with the customer. The flowers are made to order which gives you the opportunity to customize them for your special event.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, leblossoms does do wholesale orders. Please contact Angela to discuss your order!

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, there is a discount of 10% for orders over 30 flowers.

Where are you located?

Leblossoms is located in the lovely area of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Do you deliver? If so, where and what are the costs?

Here are some options for you, because who doesn’t like options?

You are more than welcome to pick up your flowers – cost is $0

Delivery to event site or baker to the Denver and Foothills area – $.50 per mile

Delivery to event site or baker outside of the Denver area- $1.50 per mile

How should I store the sugar flowers before and after my event?

What I love about the sugar flowers is that they last for years if stored properly. However, sugar has enemies too you know! So when storing your flowers before your event or after please keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place. You can keep them in the box they come in before the event. Then after the event you can move them to a more permanent home in a plastic, or glass, or wood container. Sunlight will bleach the colors out, a damp environment will help to degrade the sugar in the flowers, and heat can make the flowers wilt. Most of the flowers will be made with wires in them, but whether they have wires or not all you need to do is taking a damp paper cloth and wipe away the frosting. Then store them. You can bring them out for other celebrations throughout the year!

Are the sugar flowers edible?

The sugar dough, food coloring, petal dusts are edible; BUT there are wires and non edible things like stamens invloved. Therefor, no they are not edible. I’m truly sorry, if you would like them to be edible please contact me about your order, and mention you want them to be edible. I will then talk to you about your options!

Do you do custom orders?

YES!! I love custom orders and working with you to create that special wow piece for your event! Lets set up a time to meet and discuss all things that are pretty and cake! Email me at angela @ leblossoms (.) com

How far in advance should I order my flowers?

I recommend that you order at least 4 to 6 months before your event if it is a wedding. If it is another special occasion I would recommend 2 months before. If the event is coming up sooner, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see if I would be able to make the flowers!

What is the best way to reach you?

I respond very quickly to emails, you can message me here on the website via the contact page, or if you happen to find your way to leblossom’s Facebook page message me there.

I’m ready to buy, what is next?

Check out the flowers by going to the store click on a season and browse through the flowers. You can click on each flower for more information including the price per flower and sizes. Then you can click on the contact page to talk to me about your event! All the flowers are made to order. I welcome custom flower requests too so don’t feel like I only fancy the flowers shown!