Watercolor + Miniature Cakes = LOVE

28 Mar

Spring is my favorite season. The flowers are blooming and delicious fruits like strawberries are coming into season, what is not to love? I decided to create mini cakes to help celebrate that Spring is upon us! I love the chevron pattern, and thought about doing a gradual color increase from dark pink to light pink on the side of the cake. I added pretty spring flowers like cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, and carnations. Perfect for a garden tea party or baby shower. For the other miniature cake, I wanted it to be more like a real water color painting. I started by using blue food coloring and water to create the effect over the whole cake that had been covered in fondant. I like it because it creates a sheen over the whole cake compared to the matte finish of fondant. I then used red food coloring and painted the poppies scattered throughout at different heights. I added black stems to the poppies and red ribbon to go around the base of the cake. I loved the pop of deep red so I also added a sugar flower chrysanthemum to it.

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