Time for a Sneak Peek!

9 Mar

It is almost Spring, and some of the flower seedlings I planted have begun sprouting! We are in a warming trend here in Denver, and I am completely enjoying basking in the warm sun while I write this post. The flowers are scabiosa, and in the center with the tall stalk is a garlic clove. The garlic glove already started to sprout on its own, so I thought why not plant it too! Let’s talk about the anticipated sugar flowers now! I have had a wonderful time picking out the flowers that would make up my 2012 spring and summer line! Some will be familiar to you, and I also added some flowers I have never done before. Flowers like: succulents, eyelash orchids, dancing lady ginger, and more. I will be unveiling my online digital look book soon. Complete with pictures, flower descriptions, prices and how to purchase. Until then, here is a sneak peak of some sugar flowers to start you off into the weekend! Enjoy! Eyelash orchids, carnations, and succulents!

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