International Inspiration – Australia

5 Jun

Our second day in Sydney, Australia we happened to pass by a flower shop show casing the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. They look like a painting, but I assure you they are real cut flowers. How wonderful would they be for a spring or summer wedding? Right next to them were these wonderful light purple firecracker flowers. Great centerpiece for a fourth of July wedding. 

Take a look for yourself:

On a walk through a enormous park called Western Springs, we encountered a vast amount of birds and pretty flowers throughout.

We spent a few hours at the Royal Botanic Gardens. There is lots to see here, so make sure you have a full day to walk around, enjoy a picnic and see the Opera House. 

Walking back to our lodging for the second part of our stay in Sydney we ran into these:

Heading up to Cairns, Australia we got to walk around the Botanic Gardens and found some really interesting flowers there. 

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