Santa is Coming to Town!

21 Feb

It has been awhile since my last post and I apologize for that. A lot of fun things have been going on, and I thought I would talk about a big event from 2011! It was the annual gingerbread competition in Beaver Creek, put on by CASA. CASA is a great organization and you can read more about them here. My friend Felicia, and also fellow Pastry Chef lives in Vail,Colorado. She told me that we should enter the competition and I said yes! Felicia is the proud owner/chef of Cornerstone Chocolates and Confections. You can check out her website here. We made a date to sit and talk about our vision for our entry. We sat and had lunch at Cafe Terracotta in Littleton. A great place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am never disappointed after leaving. Felicia and I decided on crafting a North Pole train station. Complete with Santa, elves, a train filled with presents, a sledding hill, and many more smaller details. We split up the tasks based on our strengths. Felicia handling the baking, construction, windows, and trim details of the gingerbread train station. I was creating all the gum paste details throughout from trees, presents, people, to decorations. We said our goodbyes until next time where we would start putting together the inside of the gingerbread station. Here are some details from our train station! We created a hole scene on the inside of the train station. Complete with a fireplace, tufted chairs, and a ticket booth! Felicia made the shimmer “marble” flooring, fireplace, ticket booth, train time sign, installed the light, and the amazing trim details throughout. I worked on the people, garland for the fireplace, grand Christmas tree, clocks, and chairs. Now going from making sugar flowers to little sugar people was a task! Especially painting on their faces! I gained some great experience and knowledge though and that is priceless! I am a big believer in quality over quantity. I think we did a great job with the tiny details, like putting each individual sprinkle around the windows on to make them look like Christmas lights. Or, when I was making the people I made little pearl necklaces, and bows to adorn their dresses. It was a lot of work, and I think we both agree to start sooner this year! I had my best friend Angela in town one weekend, and she graciously helped make some people. She came up with the genius idea of a gum paste man proposing to a gum paste women! I had just the edible sugar diamond for the occasion as well. Felicia and I met up a couple more times, working in sections of the gingerbread station to finish in time. I should note that we somehow managed to drive from Vail to Denver and back a couple of times with the gingerbread in the back of Felicia’s car! A nerve wrecking experience for sure, however everything made it just fine! In the photos above our gingerbread station is almost done. We just had the fence, our “icicles”, covering the base of the station, and a couple other details to attend to. My parents were out to visit for Thanksgiving, so they had the opportunity to see the competition in person. My parents, husband, and I left early in the morning to drive up to Vail to finish some details before we dropped it off. I was happy they were able to be there and share the moment with me! Here is the finished gingerbread train station at the competition in Beaver Creek. With some small details added like the cute little penguins! It was awesome to see all the other gingerbread creations from professionals, to beginners, to children’s entries. Oh, and we took first place too! I can’t wait for the 2012 CASA Gingerbread Competition in Beaver Creek. If you are in the area you should stop by, they also have other Christmas items for auction along with the gingerbread houses. The proceeds help out the local CASA, and it is nice to walk around Beaver Creek too! Next up is the 2012 Sweet Times in the Rockies Sugar Art Show!

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