5 Great Etsy Gifts to Give

7 Sep

It is that time of year again. Warm days, barbecues, pool time, and refreshing drinks are becoming part of the past as we head into fall. I don’t mind the switch, living in Denver I am met with leaves changing to deep reds, cool yellows, and bright oranges and a cool crisp breeze. Hoping that this winter will be like the last with little snow in Denver, but the mountains getting mounds. You may be wondering, what is this all about? Well, I was talking with a friend the other day, and she is already looking into buying Christmas gifts for her coworkers. It got me thinking, how about I find 5 great gifts from Etsy each Wednesday and share them with you! Categories including gifts for men, women, kids(both boy and girl), coworkers, and hostess gifts(for all the parties you will be attending). Organizing my favorites have become so easy lately with the help of pinterest.com. I can create themes for boards, pinning my favorites of what I find all over the internet into a specific themed board I created. For example, I created a board called “all things delicious”, and I will pin recipes I find on the internet right into that board. So the next time I go to my pinterest account I can easily find my recipes I saved. I love that you are also pinning the picture of whatever it is, not just the link. Without further delay. Five Six great etsy gifts to give:
Men's topographical silk necktie


toybreaker’s store  
Coffee or Tea cup warmer

Coffee or Tea cup warmer

natalya1905’s store  

Adorable wooden travel train set!

VerryCherryToys store  
Custom felt dolls for the little girls in your life

Custom felt dolls for the little girls in your life

emmiscottageetsy’s store  
Metal business card holder

Metal business card holder

rivervalleydesign’s store  

Eco-friendly cloth napkins!

JAQSstudio’s store     Next up: Inspiration Fridays, collections of inspiration for your events!   Thanks for stopping by! – Angela

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