Thanksgiving Countdown

6 Nov

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I have been missing these last few months. Life was going a little too fast for me so I wasn’t everywhere I wanted to be. I’m back now and can’t wait to show you some new flowers, but first I wanted to tell you something. I got a part time job teaching cooking/baking classes for the Highlands Ranch Community Association! You can visit the website here, and check out what is being offered right now. I would love for you to tell your friends, family members, co-workers, and others. It makes me sad when we can’t run a class because there is not enough people. Especially for the one person who did sign up. My goal is that all the December classes get filled up! Can you help me?!

Okay back to Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you but Thanksgiving and Christmas somehow blurs together into one big month of to-do lists, snow, traveling, and shopping. I decided this year no more blurring together the fine line of Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I don’t want to be stressed or worry about getting someone a gift because I “have to”. That really isn’t the point of Christmas anyways, and even though I know that it slips past me anyways.

Check out my Facebook page! I will be posting something new every weekday until Thanksgiving. Things like my favorite recipes, tips, decor ideas, and more. If you haven’t already liked leblossom’s Facebook Page, you should do it now. You can also use the recipes for your Christmas dinner too, because honestly mashed potatoes never get old. Particularly the recipe I posted just yesterday.

If you are in the Denver area I have pies and chocolates you can special order. These are not your ordinary pies and chocolates though. Unless you want them to be classic, because I can do that to!

Have a great day!

Tomorrow I will be posting a new picture of a fall flower and pumpkins!

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