Fridays-How it all started

13 Nov

Welcome and hello! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to write my first post about Fridays. Any other Friday is a signal to the start of the weekend, looked forward to by workers everywhere during the week. 

A couple of interesting tidbits about Friday from of course Wikipedia(Which I must mention that I don’t normally just go off of Wikipedia,but in this case it is late and I want to).

First off:

“The name Friday comes from the Old English frigedæg, meaning the “day of Frige” as stated on Wikipedia.

Then there is:

“After the United States acquired Alaska from Russia in 1867, Friday, October 6, was immediately followed by Friday, October 18, adjusting to the adoption of the 1582 Gregorian calender changes by the British colonies in 1752, and the shifting of the International Date Line.”

So today. Today is not just any Friday, today involved greater things than being excited the weekend was about to start. You may say please get on with it…so here it is: 

I started my own business! Not just any business but wonderful sugar paste creations that will dazzle, awe, and impress anyone. They will add shear delight, classiness, sparkle to any baked good, whether it is a cupcake, pie, cookie or chocolate truffle. 


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