DIY-How to make a gumpaste calla lily

17 Nov

Hey! I hope you caught last weeks post. At the end of the post, I posted a stunning picture of the calla lilies that I had made. They are at if you would like to check them out or to view more flowers. You can also click on the present on the right hand side and it will take you directly to the store leblossoms.

Okay, let’s get started! First off, you will need:

  • mat to work on: the one shown in the picture below is a baking mat
  • rolling pin
  • gel food coloring: I like the AmeriColor brand
  • petal dust: different from luster dust because it is matte not shiny
  • floral wire and green floral tape: used for the stems
  • gumpaste: everyone has their preference, I like the brand Bakels because it is white(not a yellowish color), I have never had a problem with it not drying and I have not once had a package where it dried into hard chunks. It has always been soft and pliable.
  • salt or sugar: this is for the stamen, the texture that it gives makes a more realistic flower I think, the smaller the granule the better
  • cookie cooling rack: to dry the flowers
  • paper cones: to also help in the drying, if you don’t want to use paper you can also use parchment paper cones
  • calla lily gumpaste cutter
  • paint brushes
  • alcohol: clear of course, this is used to connect or bind the pieces together
  • vegetable shortening: if the gumpaste is sticking you can rub some on the mat, also good for greasing your hands when coloring the gumpaste
  • gloves
  • bamboo skewer
  • petal pad
  • plastic container

First, you will want to color your gumpaste. Take the color that you want and squeeze a couple of drops onto the gumpaste(you can always work in more color), take some shortening(small amount) and rub around the palms of your hands. Take the gumpaste and start working in the color. For simplicity I am making the traditional white calla lily.

Step 1: Take a piece of gumpaste and knead it to warm it up. Then flatten it on the mat, then roll it out to 1/4 inch thick. Pick it up off the mat to make sure that it didn’t stick. Use a calla lily cutter and cut out the petal. Put any unused gumpaste in a plastic container so it doesn’t dry out.

Step 2: With the bamboo skewer, lightly roll left to right and top to bottom to thin out the petal.

Step 3: Then place the petal on the thin pad. Place the ball roller half on the gumpaste and half off. Roll down the edge to thin it and then the opposite edge. Use the bamboo skewer to roll from left to right with light pressure to place a texture on the petal. Place petal in plastic container so it doesn’t dry out.

Step 4: To make the center, take the floral wire and wrap with green floral tape. Or there is also pre-made food safe wire here. Bend the top of the wire down to make a hook. Take a small amount of gumpaste and use a yellow food coloring to color it. Use a small piece and roll into a cone, dip the wire into the alcohol and press into the bottom of the cone.

Step 5: To finish the center, bring down some of the gumpaste to seal the bottom. Use a paint brush and dip into the alcohol or water and immediately dip into the salt that was dyed yellow. Let dry overnight.

Step 6: Take the petal out of the container, dip the paint brush into the alcohol and “paint” a line. Pick it up and roll the left side, using your right hand also to get the right shape.

Step 7: Brush the left side with alcohol that the right will attach to. Take the right side and bring it over, make sure to not press all the way down but frill the edge up a bit to look more realistic. Use your thumb and gently press on the top edges to make it curl down. Repeat on the other side. Once finished, place on the paper cone to set up firm enough so it doesn’t bend.

Step 8: Once it has dried so it doesn’t bend, take the paint brush dip it in the alcohol and brush the inside near the bottom of the petal. Take the stamen and stick it through, pinch the gumpaste at the bottom to seal on.

Step 9: Color: Use a small paint brush, dip into the yellow petal dust, and shake off the excess. Start at the bottom and brush on the color about a 1/2 inch up the petal and all the way around. Moving on to the center, dip the brush in the petal dust and shake off the excess, start to as close to the stamen as possible and brush up. You want the yellow to be brighter at the bottom, getting lighter as you go up.

Step 10: Drying: Use the cooling rack and bend the wire to let the lily hang
I hope this tutorial helps you create beautiful flowers for your event. Thanks for stopping by!

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