Cupcakes, Blogs and Telegrams

8 Feb

I told you that I would update you on how the cupcake baking went. If you don’t recall, I was using this recipe from Joy of Baking. Overall a quick, easy recipe to put together. I did find that being at high altitude that I need to add more liquid or yogurt next time. It tasted delicious, however resembled a muffin in its dryness. I topped these babies with a whipped cream cheese frosting and off they went to the photo shoot. Here is one in action:

I do believe that this one might be the winner, I will continue tweaking until greatness is achieved. 

On another note I was on my rounds of looking through some of my favorite blogs( You Are My Fave, Black and White, Side by Side, and Cannelle et Vanille), when I came across a post in You Are My Fave. The post was about inspiring projects, and after some beautiful pictures there was a list of four inspiring projects with links. This is when I found another great blog. I am truly inspired on how the writers write with such grace, voice and passion. I hope to someday do the same. 

The blog is ink lemonade and the project was, “project ladylike”, found here. I am truly inspired and will definitely be apart of project ladylike. I’m sure my husband will be proud. Upon further searching, I found a post where she talks about telegrams. If you don’t have time that is fine, here is the link for the direct site.  However, make sure you check out ink lemonade, you will not be disappointed!

I am running out of time in a day, especially with all of the great blogs and inspiration out there. But that’s okay, I don’t mind. Sleep is for the birds anyways. 

And I am at all NOT procrastinating about writing those goals. 😉

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