Meet and Greet!

20 Jul

Hey! I would like to know a couple of things about you!

You can reply in the comments section or head over to my facebook page to answer. There is also another short questionnaire over there too. Check it out!

As you may have noticed my etsy shop has been on hold for about 4 months now. That has been due to an amazing experience of getting to travel around the world with my husband. As much as I would have loved making flowers along the way, it just wasn’t feasible with only a backpack! I still needed clothes you know! Therefore, I put the shop on hold until I returned. 

I have returned! I am over the jet lag and ready to rock!

Here are my questions to you:

  • Since I am starting to build inventory I wanted to know what you would like leblossoms to have in stock? Ready. Just. For. You. 
  • What do you like to read? (for example: blogs or e-magazines)
  • How did you find me?

Now I hope that wasn’t too bad! Thanks for taking your time to help leblossoms grow.

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