Inspiration from Switzerland

30 Mar

Macarons, delicious little sweet “hamburgers” that melt in your mouth. My first sampling of the macaron was in the Winter of 2007. Which shall remain anonymous, not because they made these colorful macarons. No, they were made by a supplier that we bought from. I had no idea what to expect when I bit into the little “hamburgers” that were oh so colorful. Well, I grabbed the little guy and ate it. Just like that, no regrets. It was not how I had expected it to be at all (insert sad face here). It was really chewy, too chewy in fact. Then the flavor that should have been there wasn’t, and with a weird aftertaste I might add. Needless to say I was bummed. Until one fine day my husband and I were in Switzerland. Zurich to be exact, and found (by the advice of a local we were staying with) an amazing shop called Spruengli that offered Luxemburgerli (a lighter take on the French Macaron). A whole glass counter showcasing the brilliant colors and tantalizing flavors. The lady helping us out was so sweet and let us try one out first. It was amazing, literally melt in your mouth, party going on amazing. The flavors were rich, true flavors not something extract could achieve. I was completely smitten by these little guys. We bought chocolate, caramel, another flavor I can’t remember, and some chocolates of course. Check out all the pretties below, and scroll down some more to see pictures of my attempt at making them! An infinite amount of flavor profiles are achievable, however I did a combination of strawberry and almonds. I like things simple and clean, therefore I went with just a straight strawberry puree for the center. All you need to do is put strawberries in a blender and you are done. These little “hamburgers” don’t take that much time at all to make, so when guests swoon over them you have my permission to say they took all day. Happy Friday!!

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